Friday, March 19, 2010

Just keeping the cobwebs out

Hey gang, sorry this isn't a real update, but I didn't want you to think I'd let these fields go totally fallow. Unfortunately time hasn't permitted me to write anything for this in preperation, so, uh... here's some filler content on trailers for upcoming movies that seem promising. In no particular order.

Yeah, I know. Hut Tub Time Machine? Yes, it could end up sucking really bad, BUT, its getting some good buzz and I like the main cast, so its one of those "cautiously optimistic" situations.

Clash of the Titans. Now, the original's got a special place in my shriveled, bitter heart because of Ray Harryhausen going to town on the effects. Despite the fact that the remake looks like its going for the "everything is brown" take on the past and that Sam Worthington bored the crap out of me in Avatar, this movie had me at "Liam Neeson is Zeus."

Kick-Ass just seems like the kind of vulgar, violent, funny independent action movie that needs to cap spring. That and director Matthew Vaughn has made some solid movies so far.

Another big budget historical epic from Ridley Scott? I don't care how brown it is or how historically inaccurate the plot may be, I'm there.

Never was a big Tron fan back in the day, but I gotta admit, Tron Legacy is looking mighty good.

Solomon Kane. Robert E. Howard's demon-slaying Puritan.

Good thing I saved the Iron Man 2 trailer for last, because now I need to change my shorts. Again.

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