Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Five Exclamation Points: The sure sign of a troubled mind

Hi. How’s it going? Good? Nice to hear that. Me? Yeah, I’m doing well. So, uh, the reason I called you here is to do a little, what’s the word? “Community building.” That’s it. Something about getting in touch with the readers (all four of you) and kind of doing the whole “two way communication” thing. Because I’m a giver. I give freely. Only now I want to come down from the parapets of my ivory tower and take. I want to take from you so I can give back. With interest.

It occurs to me that while readers exist for this blog, they/you are a silent majority. I’d like to change that, if for no other reason than to reassure my fragile ego that I’m not just whistling in the dark.

So! Theatrical turns of phrase and verbal flourishes aside, I’d like feedback from you! The Reader! On what! I should be watching! In simple terms, the request line is now open. Think I should be watching more pirate movies? Westerns? Dramas? Skin flicks? (that would be a little weird, but I’d be willing to consider it) Uwe Boll movies? (the skin flicks might be more enjoyable, but I’d be willing to consider it) Then LET ME KNOW!! Think I should watch a specific movie? It might take a while to track down, but LET ME KNOW ANYWAY!!!! And I’ll SEE What I Can DO!!!!!

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