Monday, March 23, 2009

Bullet Points

*Item: Laptop was infected with a virus and the wireless card doesn’t seem to be working anymore either. Possibly connected. Making do with improvisational Ethernet cable. Suspect conspiracy.

*Item: Watchmen was good. Rorshach, Dr. Manhattan, Comedian steal show. Mostly faithful adaptation that, given a director’s cut closer to the book, could be great movie. Studio meddling may have affected the theatrical ending. Suspect conspiracy.

*Item: Coraline is fantastic movie. Henry Sellick is artistic visionary. Realize comment on movie is month late. Suspect conspiracy.

*Item: Smugly pleased that personal MP3 player contains almost 10,000 sounds and still has 35% free memory space. Marvel why Creative Zens are not more popular than stupid iPods. Suspect Conspiracy.

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