Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gonna Take Pollution Down To Zero

I was thinking of tossing in a movie and commenting on it, like Labyrinth, since I mentioned it in offhand manner in a previous post. But I’m just not in the right mood to remember the order of ‘y’ and ‘i’ in the word “labyrinth.” That’ll be for another time, and I promise, it’ll have a section on how “Dance Magic” belongs on every David Bowie Greatest Hits compilation.
Maybe I can write an entry on watching Captain Planet when I was a kid after school. Sounds good.

So watching Captain Planet back in the day made me want to club baby harp seals. I didn’t want to do that before watching the show, but by the end of an episode, I was damn sure ready to start.

That took considerably less time than I thought it would.

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