Thursday, February 07, 2008


My laptop hates my printer. Which is strange considering both are HP products. Every time I reconnect the printer to the lappy, it asks to install the drivers, which causes me to grit my teeth in rage because the drivers have already been installed four times on the damn thing and installing a fifth one isn’t going to solve the problem. Oh, it would work, but only until I shut off the machine or disconnect the printer, which defeats the purpose of a portable system such as a laptop. The printer’s been installed on my tower (also an HP) and it works fine and dandy. I can unplug it, leave it in a corner for weeks, take it on a thrill-packed road trip ala Smokey & The Bandit and when I reconnect it, it gives me no guff, just tells me that its ready to go.

Really, the only difference between the two computers (besides age) is that the tower runs XP and the lappy has Vista. Hmm…

Why yes, I am running filler this morning. Its because I've got some important crap to take care of today.

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