Thursday, August 09, 2007


Shucks-howdy, its been a while. Whatever, I’ve been busy and have nothing to apologize for. A lot’s happened in the interim, mostly good, some bad. Helped drink a bottle of King Cobra (not advised, despite the $1.44 price tag) on a wedding eve and subsequently spoke with an genuine Irish accent for an hour, caught a glimpse of enlightenment where every abstract concept I’ve spent my entire life believing in was challenged and validated, and gave a wedding toast as the best man that started off with “Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us here together.” All true stories. All took place within 72 hours..

Transformers came out in theatres and exceeded my (admittedly low) expectations. The Simpsons movie hit and…pretty much met my expectations. The last Harry Potter book was released and I’m cheerfully apathetic about it. Yes, I know, a fanboy who doesn’t care about Harry Potter, blasphemy.

As August heat slowly rises and the summer blockbuster season slowly grinds down, one reflects that there aren’t a whole lot more slam-bang movies on the way. Run Fat Boy Run looks good, Superbad could be super or bad, Rush Hour 3 probably will be bad but its got Jackie Chan and he makes anything watchable (like Around the World In 80 Days).

And then there’s Stardust. Based on the Neil Gaiman novel of the same name, at its core, its about a young man searching for his heart’s desire. And its got witches, unicorns and lots of fratricide. And a star that lands with an “oof.” It’s a charming novel and I’m really hoping the movie ends up on a similar level as The Princess Bride. I’m very curious to see it and hope its good. Probably a good date movie. Gentlemen, that’s not a hint. Chicks dig unicorns and true love and things of that nature. Take your lass to see it and she will likely go “aww” a lot, squeeze your hand in the darkness of the theatre during emotional scenes and will potentially shower you with kisses afterwards for being such a sensitive, deep, and romantic guy. Unless of course the movie sucks, then the scenario might play out differently.

Now, if only someone would make a movie out of Neverwhere…

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