Saturday, December 17, 2005

Twas beauty killed the beast

Ok, so today was dental doomsday for my wisdom teeth. Didn't have anything to eat or drink from 10 PM last night till well after the surgery. As a result, I had some really weird dreams. I slept on the couch (where I'll be sleeping for the next couple of days) and every single damn dream took place there. In one I was trying to sleep on a couch and a lyger walked in and tried to climb on my couch, and I was like "No, you can't climb up on here, get your own couch." So it did. In another dream, I thought I was awake since I turned my head to see what was on TV. Whatever it was, I was enjoying the show, and felt very glad to have woken up and looked at the tv. The I woke up for real, looked over to the very much off television, and ironically noted that I was not glad I woke up and looked at the TV. The appointment was for 8 AM today, and got there withouth any problems.
I was taken to the surgery room and hooked up to blood pressure monitors and some other stuff. Then they hooked me up to an IV (not the Roman numeral 4) which was how the anesthesia was pumped into me. At first, I didn't feel anything different, then a minute or two later I starting to get dizzy. The last words I said before falling unconscious was "Yeah, I'm starting to feel it now."
20 or so minutes later I woke up in a recovery room (with no idea how I got there) and all I could remember from the surgery was I think a few drill sounds, so I was out cold. Anyway, I woke up slap happy and numb in my lower jaw from Novocaine that was pumped in there to make sure I didn't feel anything in the lower teeth. So there I was, groggy, shoeless and with stitches in my mouth (which will dissolve in a couple of days. Ginchy) and gauze in my mouth to absorb a lot of the blood. After I had reached enough stability to walk (and a reload on gauze), my dad drove me home. I watched television in a slightly dazed state, took a few pain killer & antibiotic induced naps (without the funky-cool dreams of last night).
Then I finally saw King Kong. No, not Peter Jackson's current flick. No not the God-awful 1970s Dino DeLaurentiis version, but the ORIGINAL giant monkey (yes, I know he's an ape, but dammit, monkey is just so much more fun to say) movie of the old millenium. I must say, I was incredibly impressed with the flick. It had pacing, no wasted scenes, wanton destruction, and hot monkey vs dinosaur action. Oh yeah, and Kong felt up the (then gorgeous) Fay Wray. You know you wanna see that out of morbid curiosity alone.
Tonight I also saw King Arthur for the first time (the recent one, with Clive Owen, that Welshman Ioan who's last name I can't pronounce who played Reed Richards, and the damn sexy Keira Knightly). I know the movie basically tanked in theatres, which is a damn shame since it really did offer a refreshing look at the Arthurian Legends. Keep in mind that I'm an Arthurian fanatic and very picky about any movie involving people with swords, arrows, axes and that oh-so shiny armor (Damn you Oliver Stone and Wolfgang Peterson). Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool working some of the Arthur characters into what historians know about Roman-Britain in late antiquity. (Here Arthur is a Romano-Britain in command of a unit of Sarmatian auxiliary cavalry, a people renowned for their horsemanship and for service in far flung outposts of the Empire). And they took a really interesting track with the Lancelot-Guenevere-Arthur love triangle by, well, killing off Lancelot in the climactic battle (again, they weren't trying to go for the traditional Medieval Romance version of the story but one based in late Antiquity). That and its got Keira Knightly in it. This is always a good thing.

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